Busy week? 5 Tips for How to Recharge Yourself This Weekend

It can be hard to keep up with all the demands of your job when you’re exhausted. Research says that people who are able to disconnect from their job in their free time are a lot more satisfied with their lives. By being able to “turn it off”, you can really prepare yourself for the week to come by being fully recharged. So give these few tips a try this weekend:

Get Outside
We live in Colorado! Everywhere you turn there is some outdoor activity just waiting for us to start. The Western Slope is offering up some amazingly mild winter weather right now, so go for a hike, ride your bike, walk your dogs, or head up the Grand Mesa for those snowy sports too. Being in nature helps clear your head and can allow you to feel refreshed.

Most people are glued to their devices and the idea of not having it within arm’s reach is frightening. But just give it a try, if only for a few hours. Put it down and go do something else.

There cannot be enough said about the powerful benefits of good night’s sleep. Go to bed an hour early or take advantage of not having to set your alarm.

Look at Your Calendar
Did you get a little bit too carried away with making plans this weekend? Are these events really things that you want to be doing? Is it going to drain you rather than recharging you? It is okay to make sure you use your weekend time for yourself.

Have Fun
Be inspired by something you’ve been wanting to do. Read that book that has been collecting dust on the table. Make that recipe that you saved weeks ago. Write in your journal. Watch that movie/documentary on Netflix. Go to a local yoga class. Whatever it is, just enjoy doing it.

I hope at least one of these tips brings you some relaxation this weekend!



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